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Rachel Hehr

Rachel comes alive during one-on-one conversation as she listens to another person share their experience of God. Her greatest joy is watching the Holy Spirit work in the lives of others.

Rachel was fortunate enough to grow up in the Rocky Mountains in Steamboat Springs, CO. She moved to Colorado Springs for college, where she also served on Young Life staff for nine years. While working with Young Life, she had a spiritual director that encouraged her to complete her Masters in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, which is where she met Bryan. 

As she was finishing her seminary degree, she sensed a call to pursue training as a spiritual director. Upon moving to California for Bryan's pastoral opportunity, Rachel and Bryan attended  training together through Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction. She now serves as a full-time spiritual director and co-director of CURATE.


Bryan Hehr

Bryan's driving passion is to see people grow deeper in Christ. He is captivated by the reality that there is more of Christ and His love than we have experienced. 

Bryan grew up in Colorado Springs, enjoying the beautiful Rocky Mountains. After studying finance at the University of Colorado, helped churches, non-profit organizations and individuals with stewarding their finances.

Shortly after graduating, he discerned a call to full-time pastoral work and enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary. While working on his Masters in Theology, Bryan was introduced to the ministry of spiritual direction, and he realized that he had been serving as a spiritual director to others long before he formally knew what spiritual direction was. A few of his seminary professors were also trained in the ministry of spiritual direction, which offered a unique integration between theology and what it means to follow Christ in the day-to-day.

Upon graduating, Bryan and Rachel moved to Auburn, CA to serve as the community life pastor in a local church. Bryan and Rachel attended a training program together (Sustainable Faith) and graduated in 2018. While serving full-time at the church, Bryan offers spiritual direction and leads retreats as his time allows. 


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